15 Topics to Help Speed Up Your Content Creation

Coming up with content to share can be a challenge, especially for a busy real estate agent. Having engaging content can help you improve your reach and build relationships with prospects faster.

To help you get started, here are 15 topics for your next – Live video, Video, Blog Post, or content of some type.

1. Steps to Homeownership

One of the the best things to talk about and you can create an entire series around it. I believe that many people (even if they have purchased a house before) just don’t understand everything that is involved or how much help they can actually get in the process.

2. Promoting an Open House (earlier in the week)

While not all agents love Open Houses, there are statistics that show that Open Houses do help. If you want to drive more traffic to your next open house, plan early and make a quick video telling people about the property and inviting them to your open house.

3. Live From the Open House (what else are you doing there…)

If you don’t have a lot of traffic, an open house can be boring. Even if there are people walking around, spend some time to document what is happening and highlight some great features of the property.

4. Interviews With Your Preferred Lenders

How many buyer leads do you get that just don’t have a clue when it comes to the finance side of the real estate purchase? Having some go-to documented content with a lender can really help the purchaser to better understand what it will take to make it all happen.

5. Interviews With Local Title Company

A very important part of the home buying process is working with the title company. Meet with your title rep to help home buyers understand what is involved and what a title company actually does.

6. Interviews with Home Inspectors

Buyer beware. A knowledgeable home inspector can help your buyers look out for Red Flags before they even put an offer on the house. Meet with an inspector you trust to come up with some Red Flag warning signs to share with prospects.

7. Interviews with Organizing Specialists

Is your seller’s house a mess? I am sure we have all had at least one listing where we wanted to call the Pack Rat Dumpster service…Instead collaborate with an organization specialist to provide tips to potential sellers on ways to organize and clean their house in preparation of the sale.

8. Interviews with Home Stagers

Staging sells. Collaborate with a professional stager to bring some simple home staging advice to your sellers (and potential sellers) so you can help them sell their home faster.

9. Tours of Hot Neighborhoods

Show everyone that you are the neighborhood expert. Create a few tour videos of popular neighborhoods and subdivisions in your area. You can even provide information on nearby parks or places to grab a bite to eat.

10. Tour of your Listing

You just landed a great listing – Show it off! Make a quick walkthrough video that highlights great features of the property.

11. Why you need a real estate agent

Why do you believe someone should even use a real estate agent? List out a few reasons and even talk about the benefits of working with you specifically.

12. The Biggest Mistake of First-Time Home Buyers

Helping home buyer prospects avoid pitfalls can also save you a TON of time. What are some mistakes that buyers tend to make? Hint: Buying that boat 3 days before closing.

13. How to Price Your Home to Sell

Sometimes sellers get this magic number in their head that is 300% more than what their house will even have a chance of selling for. Explain how the pricing model works and what might help to improve their overall value.

14. What You Need to Know Before Shopping for a Foreclosure

Are you a HUD expert? Talk about the buying process when it comes to purchasing a home from a bank. A lot of buyers are not familiar with the home buying process and adding a Bank Owner can brings its own challenges.

15. Top 5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in [Insert Neighborhood Name Here]

Hyper local content can really help. We all know that in some neighborhoods houses sell before they even hit Zillow. Help buyers understand how to be prepared to get the house and make a move into that neighborhood

Bonus: My 3 2018 Market Predictions for [Insert Neighborhood Name Here]

One of the reasons people are hesitant to sell is that they fear what they don’t know. Help them understand what is happening in your local market and keep them informed.

This type of content can help you be viewed as the expert and it really won’t take too much time out of your day. While these are great topics for any type of content, I would recommend using the 3 step Content Acceleration Method:

  • Use Facebook Live to engage initially
  • Take the live video and upload to YouTube
  • Have a VA transcribe the video and turn it into a blog post.

The best part is that using this content in conjunction with a Messenger Ad campaign can really help to start a conversation.

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