4 Ways To Reconnect With Old Leads In Your Database

If you are like most real estate agents you have a long list of leads that you haven’t made contact with EVER or at the very least have not had a touch point in the last 12+ months.

I have found that many real estate agents will only

try to reach out to a lead maybe 1 time. In fact, as an industry the average response to a buyer lead is 48% – That leaves more than HALF of home buyer leads that never even get a response.

So before you go running off to generate more leads, take a look at your database and try out these 4 ways to re-engage with the leads you have already paid to acquire.

The Re-Engagement Campaign

Before we dive in, I would recommend that you do not add ALL of your contacts to this at that same time on the same day as you may find yourself buried in responses.

So, since we are going to be working with old leads, it is good to have a plan that can reach the person where they are. I am a big proponent of multi-channel, multi-touch marketing.

We will be leveraging 4 channels of communication to reach out to and engage with our database.

1 – The Text Message

Since the average person spends a good amount of their time on a mobile device, sending a quick text message could result in success very quickly.

Your first message should be simple:

Hey are you still thinking about buying a home? – Nick

Hey I just wanted to touch base and give you an update on the market. Do you have a minute?

Keep the messages short and simple. This is a conversational channel, there is no need to write a novel or a long message. The goal is to start a conversation.

If you do not get a response, wait 1-2 hours and send another open ended question

Plan for about a week of outreach. Not necessarily all day every day – or even every day. But have some good questions lined up to reach out and engage.

2 – The Message Request

While I do not recommend using your personal Facebook profile to do this, you certainly could try.

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 Billion (yes with a B) monthly active users. That provides businesses with a great opportunity to engage with people on a platform they spend a lot of time on.

Last year Facebook introduced Customer Matching for business pages. It allows you to attempt to match your database (name & cell phone) with a user on Facebook.

If a match is successful – Facebook will send a Message Request to that user.

You have 1 shot at this so make it good. Again the purpose it to start a conversation.

Short – Simple – Straight Forward

Hey ! We have seen a lot of activity in the market in the past months.. I just wanted to send you a quick update on property sales around you.

Did you find the home you were looking for? Some new properties just popped up and I thought I would share them with you.

One of the great things that we can do with this is to also prompt them to engage with your ChatBot to provide them a rich and engaging experience.

You can prompt homeowners with updated market stats and instant home values. You can link your bot to your IDX site so you can share updated search results for just listed properties to the buyer leads you are engaging with.

3 – Email Outreach

Getting people to re-engage on via email can be tricky with lower open rates and lower engagement rates.

I recommend avoiding using your traditional email sending platform and going for a more direct outreach plan.

There are plenty of tools available to help you leverage your Google Mail account and deliver a timed sequence. (Hubspot Sales & just to name a few).

Again, when planning your email sequence, remember to keep the messaging short and to the point. The goal is to get a response and engage.

Hey ,

I know it has been a while since we last connected. I just wanted to touch base and see if there was anything I could help you with…

Talk soon.

Plan on trying to make at least 7 touches via email. Email is not dead, it just takes a little bit more work.

4 – Direct Mail Response

I LOVE direct mail. There is so much opportunity with direct mail if you do it right.

The goal of the re-engagement direct mail is – again – to get a response.

Postcards can work, but I prefer a letter format for this…

Keep it simple, if you are sending to a homeowner give them a bit of a market update teaser.

I like to end my outreach mail with this call to action:

I want to make sure that you got this. We both know that the USPS can be a bit unreliable. Could you shoot me a quick text message just saying “Got It”.

It is amazing the response you can get from that short little line at the end of a letter.

Mix & Match

The real power to engage comes when you build an action plan around all 4 channels. It would look something like this:

Start: Send a text

Delay 15 min: Send a Facebook Message Request

Delay 30 min: Send a follow up text

Delay 1 hour: Send first email

Delay 1 day: Send direct mail

Delay 1 day: Send text message

Delay 30 min: Send email

A combination of Convos and Zapier can pull this all together for you nicely and allow you to automate much of the process. Convos can help you nurture and qualify your leads based on their response and alert you when it is time to take over the conversation.

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