5 Things Real Estate Agents Must Do To Stand Out From Their Competition in 2019

As a new year begins, many agents are looking for ways to increase their reach and grow their business. We have compiled the top 5 things that you can do this year to stand out from the competition.

1 – Stop Talking About Yourself

It’s ok to mention some accomplishments.. but basing your marketing on your “Awards” is not cool

Stop saying “my listing” – Yay for you! Seriously that is great you landed a client.. but start talking about the house (not you)

Stop saying “I sold it” – Again… good for you, I know that not everyone can Sell a home.. but what did it help the previous owner do?

If I didn’t mention this before… stop talking about yourself and start talking about the customer and how you help them.

Start focusing on a Customer Centric Messaging and really see how you start attracting better clients that you want to work with.

2 – Regular Video Content

People love video. It’s a great way to create a connection and build a relationship. And of course creating this content regularly will give your audience something to look forward to while also helping you to build a repository of great content.

Priority – Facebook is giving news feed priority to video; Google is giving priority in search to video; YouTube.. well the 3 largest search engine..you get the picture

3 – Facebook Live

Facebook is giving news feed priority to video (we know that…) but LIVE is getting a higher priority, even after it is over. Understand that it doesn’t need to be a staged scripted video – there are not cuts and not edits. The best videos are authentic and will allow you to connect with your audience.

The best part: You don’t need any fancy equipment, just your phone to get going. You can always buy the fancy equipment when you start making it a habit.

*Bonus – you can Boost these posts for a relatively low cost per view to increase your audience base.

4 – Instagram

Story telling on Instagram. Instagram being a visual platform will enable you to tell stories about the homes you sell, the people you help, the town you love and you as a person, that your audience can relate to. And don’t think Instagram is for the kids.. with 500 million active users…51% are in the homeowner “age” of 30+

5 – Chatbots

There is a big opportunity here to be an early adapter and start engaging prospects and customers in a way that works for them. Chat bots create an instant connection with the end user.

By 2020 it is anticipated that 85% of customer service communication with start with chatbots and by 2021 enterprise will invest more per annum on chatbot and bot development than mobile apps.

Start with a focus on Facebook Messenger because there are 1.3 Billion monthly active users.

You can usechatbots to generate leads, reach out to leads from any source and qualify your leads.

There are many things you can do, but you may have noticed that this is focused on creating a connection.

I understand this is a very SLOW TO ADAPT TO ANYTHING industry… but here is the truth:

Take risks, adopt early and you will be out in the front while your competition is falling behind.

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