5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Leverage Messenger Scan Codes to Start More Conversations

Facebook Messenger chatbots bring an opportunity for Real Estate agents and professionals to start conversations with leads and prospects instantly.

Facebook provides additional tools to help bring users to your Messenger Chatbot, among those is the Messenger Scan Code. It looks something like a QR code but is specific for Messenger.

Like a QR code, when a Messenger Code is scanned it will send data back to your chatbot telling it what conversation to start.

We have 5 great ways to use the Messenger Scan code to help you start more conversations with home buyers and sellers.

1. Open House Sign In Sheets

Make it easier for people to sign in for your open house (and save you the headache of trying to read their chicken scratch).

Create a Messenger Scan code that is specific for your open house and include the property information in the conversation to start.

Set the visitors on a follow up sequence that will build the relationship and qualify the leads over time.

2. Add A Code To Your Business Card

You give these out all day long. You leave them a coffee shops, bus stops and any pin-board you can find.

Let people connect with you on the channels they use the most. Take this opportunity give people one more way to reach out to you (and your bot).

Start with a quick intro video or direct them to setup a home buyer profile.

3. Direct Mail Postcards

Include a unique Messenger scan code on your next direct mail campaign. Deliver a rich media experience that will engage the recipient all while giving you a direct line of communication.

Instant home value and market update conversations work great on post cards.

– Want to get real advanced? Setup a custom API to deliver a unique code for each postcard and track which homeowners connect –

4. Yard Sign/ Info Box

First – do not replace your standard signs with a Messenger Scan code, that might be taking this a little too far.

Using a Messenger Code on an info box or on the flyers you place inside that box can help those that stop get instant information and a direct channel to learn more or schedule a showing on your property.

5. Door Hangers

If you are the door hanger type (I am – I like the exercise). Include a Messenger scan code to provide and additional way for people to get information.

Provide a neighborhood market update video that leads to an instant home value.

Let people engage and self-qualify through conversation.

Start Using Messenger Today

Messenger provides agents with a direct line of communication to their leads. Get creative in the way you use Messenger to generate and qualify your leads.

But a quick word of advice – If you start using Messenger to engage, be ready to get responses from people. It is a channel of communication just like SMS. If you are encouraging people to connect with you there, be available.

You can learn more about how chatbots can help you connect with leads 247 here:

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