Meet the all new Convos

When Mark Zuckerberg put the ban hammer down on adding new chatbot experiences, we needed something to do. After all - if we couldn’t add new chatbots to Facebook Messenger - how could we help real estate agents connect with more buyers and sellers.

We took this “pause” time to dig in and work on 

some really exciting new capabilities that I am excited to share with you today.

The Convos Web Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers some pretty great tools for engaging and attracting leads into your Messenger Chatbot. They even offer a tool called Customer Chat, which is their way of trying capture more real estate in the corporate market.

While the idea is sound, it poses a few problems.

  • The visitor needs to be logged into Facebook on their device to be able to chat right away
  • If the the user is not logged in, there is a login/ redirect sequence that can hurt the customer experience.
  • Minimal customization options are available - and this includes the ability to trigger conversations based on page views, time on page, etc.
  • Oh and what about those people that prefer not to give Facebook all access or don’t have a Facebook account at all (those people exist)

Again - great idea but really limited and it can be alienating.

This is why we built the new Convos Web Messenger. We wanted a better user experience that wouldn’t alienate visitors and something that could be proactive and work for you 247.

Now you can start conversations with your website visitors and use chat engagement to reduce customer effort. This will result in bringing in more qualified leads as chat removes the friction that comes with forced registration and long forms.

We are really excited about the Convos Web Messenger and can’t wait for you to give it a try. But we have also been working on some other things that I want to share with you.

Better Messenger Engagement

After analyzing thousands of conversation threads that our users where having with prospects via Facebook Messenger Ads we learned a lot.

We all can get distracted easily and forget to go back to a conversation, we noticed that this happened a bit after people opted-in to start the conversation.

We have been working hard and are now introducing Re-Engagement Triggers.

The Re-Engagement triggers monitor the conversations, note where the conversation drop off happens and then over time, prompts the user to become active in the conversation again.

We have been testing these triggers and have seen a large increase in conversion has a result.

Easy Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads

Another issue we wanted to solve was Facebook Messenger Ads. When we initially launched Facebook only offered the ability to create Messenger styled ads via JSON (aka: super complex code that if not placed properly would give too many errors).

Since that time Facebook has started to release new features in Ads Manager that allow for easier ad creation - while this is really helpful, it required some work on our end to support it.

I am excited to say that Convos now supports the Simple way to create Facebook Messenger Ads


Now instead of copy-pasting structured code, all you have to do is enter a simple Bot Payload for the Messenger Card button to create your Facebook Ads.

We are creating a step-by-step Facebook Messenger Ad training to help you maximize your Messenger Ad efforts. You can follow along here: Messenger Ads for Real Estate Agents

The All New Convos User Interface

With all the new ways to start a conversation and the Facebook Page Inbox being a bit garbage, it was only natural that we created a better user experience for you to manage all the conversations.

The new Conversations view will allow you to manage all conversations from any channel (web, Facebook Messenger, sms, etc) in one easy dashboard.

See the entire conversation at a glance.

Take over the conversation when your bot notifies you or you feel it’s time to jump in.

Pause the bot from responding so you can have a conversation without interruption.

Turn the bot back on when you are done.

More to come

There are so many more exciting things that we have planned this year to help you start more conversations, but I will leave it here.

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