5 Things Real Estate Agents Must Do To Stand Out From Their Competition in 2019

As a new year begins, many agents are looking for ways to increase their reach and grow their business. We have compiled the top 5 things that you can do this year to stand out from the competition. 1 – Stop Talking About Yourself It’s ok to mention some accomplishments.. but basing your marketing on your “Awards” is not cool […]

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Leverage Messenger Scan Codes to Start More Conversations

Facebook Messenger chatbots bring an opportunity for Real Estate agents and professionals to start conversations with leads and prospects instantly. Facebook provides additional tools to help bring users to your Messenger Chatbot, among those is the Messenger Scan Code. It looks something like a QR code but is specific for Messenger. Like a QR code, when a Messenger […]

Facebook Messenger Ads 101

The fundamentals you need to know to leverage the power of Facebook Messenger Ads for your real estate business. Getting Started with Messenger Destination Ads You can use click-to-Messenger ads to get more users for your chatbot. These ads are shown to users on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed. When a user clicks or […]

How To Turn Your Address Only Leads Into Conversations

How many “address only” leads do you have? You know.. those “leads” that you got with your home valuation website. They clicked your link… they entered their address and then… Stopped. Perhaps they stopped for fear of being harassed by a REALTOR, or because their kid took their phone and ran away with it. While […]

The 4 Must Have Lead Opt-ins for Real Estate Agents

When you start to think about generating leads there can be a lot involved in setting up the framework to be successful in your journey. One of those things that often comes up is “what do the people want?” To save you some time here are the 4 Must Have optin offers to create a […]

The secret to getting more referral business as a real estate agent without asking

On this episode of Agent Expert Secrets: Our special guest, Ian Garlic of Authentic Web shared the secret to Stop Losing Listings And Clients to Hack Realtors Key take aways: ? How to differentiate yourself without talking about yourself ? How to make yourself the ONLY choice using client stories ? Why your testimonials don’t work and what to do instead […]

Getting Started With Live Streaming For Real Estate Agents

What is live streaming? Livestreaming has been around for quite some time, but not until recently did it become so mainstream and accessible. The ability to connect with your audience in a new way has been a big push with tech and social platforms over the past year. We as businesses and brands are all […]

You can use Facebook Messenger to capture leads?

You can use Facebook Messenger to capture leads? You sure can! Learn how you can use Facebook Messenger to create and engage leads that can then flow automatically into your Firepoint account (or any Real Estate CRM/ Automation Tool) with Nick Jensen and Firepoint’s Chris Tamm!

4 Ways To Reconnect With Old Leads In Your Database

If you are like most real estate agents you have a long list of leads that you haven’t made contact with EVER or at the very least have not had a touch point in the last 12+ months. I have found that many real estate agents will only try to reach out to a lead […]