The Best Messenger Chatbots to Connect with More Leads & Close More Sales

Automatically qualify leads & close sales 24/7 Facebook Messenger

Here is how chatbots can help your real estate business.

Chatbot Conversations

Engage & Qualify Website Visitors Even When You Aren’t Around

The Convos Web Messengermakes it easy for your website visitors to connect with your chatbot and get their questions answered. Quickly qualify your visitors by asking them the right questions based on the page they landed on or pages they have visited.

Connect & Qualify Buyer & Seller Leads on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool, adding the Convos chatbot to your Facebook Page makes it even more powerful. Engage and qualify people the message your page. Quickly start new conversations with potential buyers and sellers though Click-to-Messenger Ads.
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Chatbot Automated Followup

Automatically Follow Up With Leads After They Have Engaged in Conversation

Strategic follow up plans help build the relationship while qualifying the leads. Your chatbot will follow up automatically in Facebook Messenger, Email, or SMS until your leads are qualified and ready to make a move.

Bot to Human Handoff So You Can Chat When The Time Is Right.

The chatbot can do a lot of the relationship building and qualification without you needing to get involved. When the time is right, Convos will notify you, pause bot activity and pass thread control to you to continue the conversation.
Real Estate Chatbot
Real Estate CRM IDX Integrations

Connect Conversations To Your CRM & IDX Systems

Integrate your chatbot with the systems you already have in place. Zapier is a primary integration to help you connect your buyer and seller leads with your IDX and CRM systems.