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Instant Conversation Starters for Your Chatbot to Connect With Homeowners

🏡 Instant Home Values

Attract homeowners with the offer of an instant home valuation. Your real estate chatbot can deliver an estimated value of the property right inside Facebook Messenger.

The conversation will work to engage and qualify your lead as they continue along the flow.

  • I can help you find the value of your home instantly.
  • What’s your address?
  • 123 Main St, 44224
  • Is this it?
  • Yes!
  • Great, let me take a look..
  • Get Started
  • Hey Ben! Your neighbor’s home just sold in 2 days for 5% OVER asking price.
  • We still have a list of buyers looking in your area. So we are asking homeowners to “Name Your Price” to see if we can find a match for them.
  • First, what is your address?
  • 322 Maple, Mayberry, NC

💰 Name Your Price

Build your database of homeowners that might be interested in selling for the right price. The “Name Your Price” conversation starter engages homeowners and will help you qualify them as they converse with your Messenger bot.

🌡 Market Updates

Stay top of mind with homeowners. With monthly market updates, your chatbot will deliver timely information related to the real estate market in the homeowner’s area.
  • Hey Stephanie! I noticed some activity in your area that might have an impact on your home value..
  • Are you ready to take a look at this month’s market report?
  • Yes!

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