Getting Started With Live Streaming For Real Estate Agents

What is live streaming?

Livestreaming has been around for quite some time, but not until recently did it become so mainstream and accessible. The ability to connect with your audience in a new way has been a big push with tech and social platforms over the past year.

We as businesses and brands are all fighting for attention in a news feed, to interrupt what can best be described as the “drone state” of scrolling through endless content.

Livestreaming gives us the ability to broadcast our message LIVE. It gives us the opportunity to engage with our audience in a new way.

I love that after you have broadcast your LIVE video, most platforms will save the video for you.

What platforms does it happen on?

The primary platforms to consider streaming to include:

Periscope (Twitter). One of the early social live stream apps, Periscope has about 1.9 daily active users. Their search and “near me” features are great.

Twitter streams live on Twitter and Periscope. If you are an active Twitter user and have a significant number of followers that like what you have to say, then look into these two channels as a way to reach your audience.

YouTube. The second largest search engine, media giant YouTube has a great live streaming setup. The live stream feature is built into your channel and will notify your subscribers when you go live. Your live videos can be saved to your channel and are great for ranking in the search.

Livestream. If you are looking for a dedicated streaming platform that would allow you to publish the stream onto your website, then Livestream is a great option. One of the original streaming services, Livestream has a community of streamers and viewers. As I write this there are currently 1,600 people viewing an Eagle’s nest at Berry College.

Facebook. Most likely the first place everyone should start with streaming is Facebook. Personal profile or business page, you have an audience here. People that are already engaging with you on a regular basis. Facebook wants you to Go Live (if you haven’t seen the commercials….) and they are making it easier everyday for you to do so.

In a recent post by Mark Zuckerberg, he showed how the Facebook news feed algorithm was prioritizing video and more importantly pushing Live Video content to the top.

The most important thing is to Go Where Your Audience is! If you have a successful YouTube channel with many subscribers, start there.

If you have 1000 connections on your personal facebook account then start there. Ideally you will want to work to move your audience over to your Business page, but start where you have the largest audience.

What do you need to get going?

A phone and the app of choice.

Seriously it is that simple. Pick up your phone, open Facebook (YouTube Director, Periscope, Twitter) and press “GO LIVE”

While it may sound that I have oversimplified this, I assure you the only thing in your way right now is you not pressing Go Live.

While the phone app is a great way to start with live streaming, what if you want to really make it a good show?

Mevo. A camera designed specifically for going live on Facebook, Mevo from Livestream is a great way to turn your videos into a great looking production. It connects to Facebook (or Livestream) via the app. It allows you to simulate multiple cameras with just the one.

Super portable, the Mevo has become one of my favorite tools to go live wherever I am. (Seriously I take this thing everywhere).

Want to have great moving footage while you livestream a home tour? The DJI Osmo is a great camera that will stabilize the video as you walk around. You can stream to Facebook, YouTube, and your own custom stream.

Taking it a step further in production

While the focus of this is to give you the resources to get started with live streaming, I also want to make sure you know about a few other moderate to advanced options for creating broadcast like streams.

![](*T81nsS-JXaQnAYsm9_7N2A.png) (a web based app) was initially launched around a Q&A setup allowing you to engage with your audience and let them ask you questions while you answer.

![Ecamm Live – Powerful Facebook Live Platform for Mac – Ecamm Network](

eCamm Live – If you want to use a studio style setup and have a Mac – this my favorite option. With some great updates and improvements recently, it has become our go-to for going live at Convos

![Open Broadcaster Software | Home](

OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio), a desktop application for Windows or Mac OS, will allow you to connect cameras, play videos from your hard drive, screen share and custom feeds. This is an open source project, while free, there is no real support to help you get going

![Live Webcasting Software | Telestream Wirecast | Overview](

Wirecast (Windows or All-in-one box) When you start looking at something like Wirecast (or the next one) this is a time when you have setup a permanent studio. If you are looking to create broadcast quality streams with graphics and all that then Wirecast is a simple way to get started. Offered as a software for Windows and recently as it’s own stand alone system.

![Livestream Studio | Live Video Production Hardware and Software](

Livestream Studio (Windows or All-in-one box) Allows you to connect with remote cameras, multiple Mevos and Gopros, Wireless and wired devices, iOS remote cameras and more. This is the Top of the line streaming setup.

What topics should you talk about?

So now that you are ready to get started with Livestreaming, what the heck do you talk about?

I think one of the first things to remember when you are going live is that it is ok to make mistakes. Live streaming is a way to connect with our audience and be authentic. Don’t sit down and read from a script like a robot.




Most importantly: BE YOURSELF LIVE.

Here is a list of topics that you can talk about…

  • Steps to Homeownership
  • Promoting an Open House (earlier in the week)
  • Live From the Open House (what else are you doing there…)
  • Interviews With Your Preferred Lenders
  • Interviews With Local Title Company
  • Interviews with Home Inspectors
  • Interviews with Organizing Specialists
  • Interviews with Home Stagers
  • Tours of Hot Neighborhoods
  • Tour of your Listing
  • Why you need a real estate agent
  • The Biggest Mistake of First-Time Home Buyers
  • How to Price Your Home to Sell
  • What You Need to Know Before Shopping for a Foreclosure
  • Top 5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in [Insert Neighborhood Name Here]
  • My 3 2016 Market Predictions for [Insert Neighborhood Name Here]
  • Resident Interview: How it is Living in [Insert Neighborhood Name Here]

Next Steps

Time to get out there and stream. Don’t worry if you are not (yet) comfortable in front of the camera. The more you stream live the better you will get the more you will enjoy it.

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