The 4 Must Have Lead Opt-ins for Real Estate Agents

When you start to think about generating leads there can be a lot involved in setting up the framework to be successful in your journey. One of those things that often comes up is “what do the people want?”

To save you some time here are the 4 Must Have optin offers to create a successful lead generation campaign.

The Hot List

I often refer to this type of offer as the Hot List. In essence it is a curated list of home for sale on the market.

You can create a list of Just Listed homes.

It can be a list of Single Story Living

Homes under $xxx

Fixer uppers


These lists attract buyers looking and also work great for targeting homeowners that show intent on making a move.

Creating the list can be as simple as setting up a search on your IDX website and linking directly to it after the optin.

Beat Zillow

We all know that Zillow has a delay in their listing algorithm and also can have an issue with accurate listing details. Knowing this allows us to leverage the information to our gain.

How many buyer leads have you received from Zillow on a property that is under contract?

How many buyers get frustrated at seeing homes after they are already sold?

The Beat Zillow campaign can drive those serious buyers that really want to find a home and not miss out on the perfect home for them.

Name Your Price

Looking to collect a list of homeowners that might be interested in selling for the Right Price?

The Name Your Price optin is one of my favorites. You have seen these people on Zillow.. they call it Make Me Move. For the right price, they will sell their house.

Some of these people are serious while there are others that might be a bit off the mark with their asking price. Either way you build a list of homeowners that you can build a relationship with, and…

…there is a good chance that in your list of buyer leads that you might have a buyer match for the homeowner interested in selling.

Instant Home Value

I have heard a lot of agents say that this is a bit played out and that it just doesn’t work.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. But it may not be working for them because of the way they are introducing the offer.

There are many tools that you can use to provide an Automated Valuation (AVM), but it’s the timing of the offer that is most important.

Reaching people that have already indicated some interest in making a move is key.

Retargeting ads to homeowners that interacted with your Hot List or Beat Zillow campaigns.

Tack this onto the back of any of the campaigns with a simple:

I have found that a lot buyers also have a home to sell, is that you?

These are just the core 4 that you should be using. There is also an opportunity to create guides and content with other complementary vendors in your area.

You can run these all with a Landing page tool or better yet you can set them up as a Facebook Messenger Campaign.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also check out the Facebook Messenger Listing Multiplier that makes use of these optin concepts in a new and interesting way.

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